Is Google Making us Stupid response.

As others had said in out class discussion google and to a larger extent the internet, are tools used for finding the information.  Once an individual gets this information it is incumbernt on that person to find the correlation between topics or expand upon the different issues within a given assignment.  While it might be easier now to find a certain volume or article on a variety of topics it might seema s if the assignment might be easy.  In my opinion the exact opposite is the case.  Now we are constanly trying to improve upon the works of past historians.  The issue of creating “new” perspectives on historical topics might actually be getting harder.  Take for example Napoleon of which there are an estimated 250,000 books written on the individual.  At what point is it that there is simply no more fresh, innovative ideas on the matter. At any rate there seems to be more tools than ever before at our disposal but what we do with those tools is up to us.


To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question.


After reading Dan Cohen’s blog on the place of blogging within the academic world specifically in History, I acknowledge the fact that I had never really considered the impact that technology is influencing the classroom aside from the change from chalkboards to whiteboards and now to internet capabilities projected onto a screen that drops down from the ceiling at the push of a button.


     Once I was done reading the blog it seems to me that there is a pro-blog, anti-blog, and middle of the road camp all of which have their merits and drawbacks.  From the perspective of individuals who think that we should blog the most compelling argument is that if an individual has an original idea then getting “credit” for that idea can best be shown through the immediate publication of a blog.  On the other hand getting a book published every few years requires extensive dedication, research abilities and writing skills that are then formatted into essentially a work of art that can be of significant value for generations to come.  Taking a middle of the road stance might initially seem like the best option because the professor is able to both keep up on the technology wise and still produce substantial works.  The difficult might seem to be that if you are doing one you must give up some of your time or energy towards the other.  To whatever extent this might be true there is something to be said about the way History as a discipline is taught.  As we advance in technology the way we are taught makes information more accessible and easier to understand.  These advances now require the student in some ways to know where to get information and less about the information itself.

In conclusion the classroom is evolving no matter which position we take on the issue. Blogging looks as if it will continue to  become more mainstream and therefore should be included in the fabric that is our education. 


Hello everyone,

As I looked around class earlier today I admit that I was a little relieved to see at least a couple familiar faces among the new people whom I hope to get to know better.  The building still has that “new car smell” which I hope lasts at least awhile. 

Introductions have always been a difficult task for me.   Just as is the case with history, anything included or omitted has meaning in and of itself.  With this in mind I will start logically at the beginning yet will also do my best to be brief.  I was born in California and grew up moving back and forth between Los Angeles and a Native American reservation in Arizona.  After High school enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps proved to be pivotal in the edification of my character as an adult.  I served in the military for 12 years during which time I was involved in multiple deployments, combat and otherwise.  Upon receiving an honorable discharge I moved to Connecticut to be closer to my son.  This is the beginning of my last year at CCSU. The time here has been short because I had already received an Associate’s Degree, prior to attending.  This semester I plan on applying to various law schools in the greater New England area.